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8 minute trader

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Is it possible to make a consistent 5%-10% in 1 day of trading? Maybe in one of those HYIPs but real Trading? Let’s face it, that sounds ridiculous! I think that it does. And I wouldn’t believe it was possible if I wasn’t seeing it happen every day with my own eyes.

We have watched a professional developer and trading team that has beta tested the software and strategy for over 20 months do just that. What is just amazing is the system is designed to teach new and inexperienced traders how they can get amazing trading results in less than 10 minutes per day and do this day in day out!!!

​”But wait, there’s more!” How would you like to glean even more from the markets by trading throughout the day? I’m talking 10%+ more per day potentially.

8 Minute Trader uses a ‘special’ algorithm

After perfecting the system (20 plus months of testing and developing) they started live beta testing the strategy in April, 2022 with a small group of 15 people. Most of them didn’t have any trading experience.

Nearly 3 months later every single tester of the system was in overall profit. Some are over 1,500% profit on their live trading account. After this small group tested, they opened the beta group to a larger audience & traded for about 4 minutes and most of our attendees made about 5%, some made over 10%, 20%, and one person made over 47% gain during the call.

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100% complete control of your funds… using a Broker of your choice… and ZERO EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED.

One Click Trader Pro is no AI Trader system or software promising anyone income as all trades will be executed by potential investors and traders themselves.

If you decide to get started with this system, you are going to be making your own trades but following what the founder and his team are deeming a ‘winning strategy’.